Country Kimberly's new band "Kimberly and Country Hearts"

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Kimberly and Country Hearts

    Kimberly - Lead Vocalist
      Known as "Country Kimberly".  Now living and performing in the south. Grew up in Pepperell, Ma. Kimberly began singing at local events as "Country Kimberly". She has also had her music played on local broadcast stations, Nashville Broadcast with Rob Butterworth, and local TV channels in Ma. You can check out all her accomplishments on this web-site.

    Kimberly joined an organization known as NECMO (New England Country Music Org.) a non-profit org. that promotes talent of all ages and gives them a chance to grow in the music industry. Competed and won first place titles from 2006-2013.
  Kimberly says her greatest accomplishment was winning "First place in the National competition h
eld in Pigeon Fordge, Tenn . Female Vocalist Of The Year - 2013. 

  She also started her own band called "Kimberly & the Country Shack Band" in 2011 with Mike Sowa on drums. Hank Martin as our rhythm guitarist. Dennis McCarthey on Lead, and Jerry Butro on Bass. She explains she met some great musicians along the way . She then recorded her own CD (Title  THE COWBOY AND I  ) Kimberly recorded her CD in 2013 at "In Bloom Studio's" in Marlborough, Ma. But time passed and things changed said Kimberly. She had moved to North Carolina in 2014 . Recently started her own band called  "Kimberly and Country Hearts".
Kirby Wilkins- Bass Guitar
Hank Martin- Rythym Guitar
John Moore -  Drums
Tony Davis - Lead Guitar
Kimberly Shack - Lead Vocal

Hank Martin - Rythym Guitar and Vocals
  Henry Martin (Hank) has been playing guitar since his childhood. He grew up in Vermont and lived in Massachusetts, where he began playing with local musicians. Hank is a phenominal musician and plays Rythym guitar.  Hank is a unique musician. Recently, Hank moved south and joined my band called  "Kimberly and Country Hearts" . Be looking out for us, this is one country band with a twist of music. 
Kirby Wilkins - Bass and Vocals 
   Kirby has been playing Lead guitar with a band known as Avalon Rising Band for over 30 years. A phenominal musician. Kirby  recently joined "Kimberly and Country Hearts" . He decided the wanted to play Bass and is loving it ...... Its an honor to have Kirby  in our band. 
ohn Moore -  Drums
            Bio coming soon
Tony Davis - Lead Guitar
           Bio coming soon

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Kimberly and Country Hearts music & entertainment .The love for music will leave a memorable spot in your heart......... 


A blend of Traditional, New Country & a little variety of music ( from the heart)