How it all started!!

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New England's Country Sweetheart
Female Vocalist/Entertainer Of The Year...Country Kimberly

  "Kimberly" grew up in a small town called Pepperell, MA.  She  came from a very large family.  Was born the "seventh" child, born on the "seventh" day of the month. A Mother of two sons, Mark and Shaun.  She began singing in a school chorus and went on to join a choir at my church.  One day a dear friend heard her  singing and said "God has given you a gift and you should be proud to share that gift". She replied that "I was petrifide of singing to a crowd". But encouraged by friends,  started going to clubs and soon realized that she did have A gift from God.  So she began  singing in competitions  to overcome her huge fear of crowds. 

    Kimberly has  won first place titles in The New England Country Music Org. (N.E.C.M.O.) FEMALE VOCALIST and FEMALE ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR in 2006,2007 and 2008 and went on to win first place in the Regionals in 2008. She entered into the Nationals held in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. where she took home three trophy's ,one being DUO OF THE YEAR with Hank Martin. Check out the Awards Page. Kimberly won top score in four catagories in the 2010 competition for the same organization known as N.E.C.M.O (below) . She says her most precious award was The Peoples Choice Award. What an honor that is . Kimberly loves singing the songs that reach out to her listeners. She also loves writting songs and poetry. She has a few original songs that she truly cherishes..
    Kimberly has 
won "first place" in the "National competition", held in
Pigeon Forge,Tennessee for 2012/2013 Female Vocalist Of The Year/Traditional Style.

Kimberly has also had the pleasure of performing on some local TV channels and has had a few cover tunes played on National Radio. Her  music has been heard on WICN Public Radio, 90.5 -Worcester, MA - Hosted by Troy Tyree

DATV Channel 8, 10, 22 Local Access TV - Dracut, MA- hosted by Pete Wilde - - Pete Wilde NBRN FM Nashville Broadcast Network - Rob Renegade WCCA TV13 Band Edge Show Director-Mauro DePasquale.

  Kimberly was involved with The New England Country Music Organization (N.E.C.M.O.) WHICH is a non-profit, all volunteer public charity that was established in 2006 for the purpose of educating, promoting, and preserving the enjoyment and continuing advancement of gospel, bluegrass, and country music and dance while continuing to nurture the development of talent.

WCCA TV13 is a public access TV station & community media center in Worcester, MA. Their programming i
s produced by and for the people of Worcester and are a window into Worcester's diverse community.

2014 moved to NC to live in peace and share her love of music in the south ....Doing local performances, including The Market Square Festivals and Jubilee events!!!